The Rossum Sand Tester is used to measure sand content of pumped water.  During a well’s life, sand production may increase for various reasons, but monitoring the sand content has been made exceedingly easy and cost efficient.  The American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard A-100 suggests the use of the Rossum Sand Tester (RST). Roscoe Moss Company for has been manufacturing this one of a kind device since 1952.   Measurement of sand content is often required of new water wells to determine if specified operating parameters have been achieved. However, well owners should include regularly scheduled sand tests in operation and maintenance programs.  Chronic sand production will usually accelerate the normal wear of impellers and other pump parts and clog meters and valves. Well replacement is the ultimate price paid for ignoring sand production by a water well.   Measurement of sand production on a regular basis may provide a timely indication of well problems. Should structural defects be detected early enough they may be repaired. If not abated, some conditions could lead to complete well failure resulting in decommissioning and replacement: a costly alternative that may have been avoided.For more information see ourTechnical Memo for more information.  

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​Rossum Sand Tester